TRELLO training

Trello Training with The Social Club Media

A programme for business owners designed to help you ditch the chaos and embrace organisation and order across your business.

Is it time to get organised with Trello?

With so many tool and software options out there for business, it’s hardly surprising that so many business owners are still struggling with piles of hand-written notes, dozens of spreadsheets and paper diaries. 

Sound like you?

Then it’s probably time to sign up for one of our Trello Training sessions!

Learn how to streamline your entire business with Trello and discover the secret to ideation, planning and business management.

Loved and used by TSCM owner, Randa, you’ll learn all her tricks to organise and manage your business in one place!

What is Trello?

Trello is the ultimate visual work management tool built to empower individuals and teams to work more seamlessly, allowing greater collaboration, productivity, and organisation on every level.

Whether you struggle to get started with something new, find it difficult to visualise your business planning, or need a better way of organisation ongoing projects, Trello is the tool for you!

the Details

So, what does our training include?

You’ll get a one-hour, one-to-one virtual training session with Randa to master the basics of Trello. It’s essentially a beginner’s Trello Masterclass.

During your Trello Training session with Randa, you will learn:

basic account setup

basic account setup

Trello is an invaluable tool in so many businesses - including TSCM! We'll talk you through the account set up process and help you set up your first board to track a project or workflow.

collaboration tools

collaboration tools

Trello is a fantastic tool for team use. We'll show you how to add and assign members of your team to the relevant boards, edit their usage permissions, and communicate with them on the platform.

organisation options

organisation options

Trello allows you to organise all aspects of your business with simple boards, lists, cards and tags. We'll show you how to set up your workflows on every level, and talk you through the best visualisation options for your goals.

links & attachments

links & attachments

Trello allows you to add files, images and links to your cards, making it easier to streamline workflows and keep everything in one place! Our session will give you an insight into how best to use these features.

tools & automations

tools & automations

The platform allows you to go into more depth with your systems, with the options to create automations to streamline workflows, and tools to make project tracking and management easier. By the end of the session, you'll be a pro with them all.

accountability tools

accountability tools

Keeping yourself and your team accountable has never been easier. With Trello, you can allocate cards to team members, keep track of specific tasks, set due dates and reminders, and so much more. We'll show you how to use these tools for optimal output.

How much does our Trello Training cost?

With TSCM you get all of this for just £97!

If you’re ready to get your business into perfect shape, we’re ready to help!
Secure one of our Trello Training sessions and get your business back on track.

Ready to book? Find a date and timeslot that suits you in our booking calendar below.

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happy customers

I just had the most incredible Trello Training with Randa…

I have so many books and so many to do lists and diaries, and now I’m so excited I’m going to have it all in one place, on my laptop, on my phone.

I have got lists for clients, I’ve got lists for Wonderland Socials, for my website that’s coming soon.

I am so so amazed. You can do so much with it.

I cannot recommend a one-to-one with Randa enough. Send her a message – honestly, it will change your life.

Alice Walter @wonderlandsocials