Podcast Services

What you do: Record your podcast and upload raw audio to a Google Drive folder
What I do for you: Everything else!

Audio Editing & Mastering

Minute-by-minute listening and removal of mistakes and unwanted noises while keeping your podcast sounding natural and improving the flow and clarity.

Intro/outro/ads/music added for a professional finish.

Each episode is mastered to the industry standard volume and format to get your episode ready for streaming and download.

Podcast Management

Mixing and mastering of audio (intro/outro/ads/music)

Podcast cover art & show notes

Uploading, scheduling and publishing to podcast hosting platform

Trello Podcast Management workflow set-up

Email/Voxer communication

Let’s talk about how I can help you with your podcast

Happy Customers

"My socials are so good now. I love scrolling through and seeing how awesome they are."

– Podcast host. 

"I had a major block on social media. I knew what I was supposed to do, I just couldn't make myself do it. Randa helped me with my social media schedule, so I knew exactly what content I needed to produce. She showed me how to re-purpose content, which saved SOOOOO much time. I also use her for actually scheduling and creating my social media content too. Her knowledge and use of hashtags and when and how to post means that my engagement and podcast listeners have never been higher. She also takes care of my podcast editing and management, and her editing skills are first class!"

– Dee, Host of We Knew The Moon podcast


Some of my work

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